What is J.O.S.H?
What is J.O.S.H - Joint Operation Secret Heroes?
J.O.S.H (Joint Operation Secret Heroes) is a community-driven video game based on the Solana blockchain that introduces a new gaming genre and a play2earn system. The genre is a cross between Shooter, Survival and Exploration, with a Counter Strike-like feel. The Solana blockchain creates a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by combining a standard game mode with a decentralized rewards system in which the user owns all of the game's assets.
It is a fast-paced #MadeInIndia combat battle game. Choose among four maps, with none showing mercy. Discover their secrets and conquer them all. Join forces with your friends, devise a plan, and emerge victorious. Create your own clan and rise through the ranks.
You can choose to play in Khrool, Guanaco Desert, Docks and Warehouse. They're packed with everything you need to conquer them, including up to 5 hidden gun spots, different stealth covers, and everything else you need to perform at your best!
We offer Six Modes of Gameplay -
  • Team Death-match
  • Free for All
  • Capture the Flag
  • Elimination
  • Demolition
  • Gun Game
Choose from an arsenal of weapons: snipers, assault rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and many more. There is nothing stopping you!
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