Skin Collection
The Skin Collection will consist of 5,300 NFTs of soldiers of various rarities, with 300 reserved for rewards and giveaways. All NFTs will be emulated into 3D models which can then be used as player skins inside the game.
For example, an NFT of a soldier with a golden WWII helmet, cigar and aviators can be turned into a 3D model which can then be used as a player skin inside the game by the NFT holder.
Minting Price: TBA
Minting Date: March 2021
Less reward taxes:
  • Shershah - Tax reduced to 1%
  • Badshah - Tax reduced to 5%
  • Veer - Tax reduced to 8%
  • Captain - Tax reduced to 11%
  • Jawaan - Tax reduced to 15%
Note: Jawaan, Captain, Veer, Badshah, and Shershah are the five classes that make up each Guild.
Other benefits:
  • Airdrop of vehicle NFTs.
  • Access to a private community closer with the team.
  • Become one of the first to use the Referral Code System.
  • Private access to the first official Battle Royale season, $200,000, only for Skin Collection Holders.
In-game example
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